Your life, your potential, and your next step in knowing God is why Go Church exists.



Your life, your potential, and your next step in knowing God is why Go Church exists.

you are the reason go church exists

Whether you have followed God for years, or are asking questions for the first time, this kind of journey happens best together. YOu're invited to take the next step with us. 

Laugh as you learn how to love the overly critical people in your life. Discover three ways to respond to these types of people and never be ambushed by criticism again.

You're Invited

No matter who you are or where you've been you are welcome at Go Church.

You're Invited

No matter who you are or where you've been you are welcome at Go Church.


Lead Pastors - Nick and Becky Callaway


Nick serves as the Lead Pastor of Go Church. He is a destroyer of chips and salsa, was surprised by twins, and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Fast forward through theological studies, 12 years of directing college student ministry and missions work, now Nick and his family and a phenomenal team of people are starting Go Church.


Most drank drink? Black coffee, if it's time for a treat I'll throw in some steamed breve, raw sugar, and 10 donuts. 

Most intense TV binge? I watched every season of House during the first month of my twins being born, I still remember very little about that month.

End on a spiritual note. Jesus has revolutionized my life and called me to be a follower - a disciple. As a lifelong learner I'm passionate about learning how to live more like Jesus every day and every year. Faith is the sweet spot between learning, living, and laughing!  


Becky Callaway

Becky serves alongside Nick full time at Go Church. With a background in special education she is passionate about healthy family development and making sure kids are laughing while they learn. Her commitment to God and family shines through in all areas of family ministry at Go Church. 


Most played music genres? So many. Some artists from my Favorites Playlist are James Taylor, John Denver, Journey,  Jesus Culture, Alan Jackson, and the Eagles. 

Outdoors or indoors? I'm totally an outside girl! Just give me my kiddos, a playlist, a dirty chai tea latte and I'm ready for anything! 

End on a spiritual note. Seeing my kids discover Jesus means everything to me. In the Bible it's so clear that children loved Jesus and I want the kids in Stapleton and Denver to know Christ loves them and has big plans for their lives!



Your story matters

Your story matters

Check out what God is doing in and through some of the people in our community. We want to help you find your part in God’s story.

Imagine what could happen if you really connected with your neighbors. Jenna took a risk, walked over to Danielle's place, and God started something special. Let their story inspire you to love your neighbor like never before!

Josh Harvey talks about one thing he loves about Go Church. Find your "1 Thing" this Sunday!

Daryn shares one thing she loves about Go Church. Find your "1 Thing" this Sunday!

Joe Phillips shares one thing he loves about Go Church. Find your one thing this Sunday!

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 8.09.27 PM.jpg
We moved from New York City and were looking for a new church home. Go Church was highly recommended by the community. We went as soon as we arrived in Denver, and we never looked back! Pastor Nick’s messages are always on point and the worship music is terrific. Child care is provided and our kids always share the lessons they learned at Go Kids on our drive home. The community is top notch, and they made us feel welcome from the start!
— Laura Orozco

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 8.13.59 PM.jpg
Go Church has a true heartbeat for Jesus! I’m so grateful the Lord brought Go Church to Denver!!
— Cari Kendall

tom jenna busler go church
Go Church has provided my family with more love, support, encouragement and wisdom than I could have ever imagined! We are so grateful for the community it provides!
— Jenna Busler
The newfound depth of our relationship with Christ through Go Church has strengthened our marriage, our parenting, and countless other interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional. We’d been in Colorado for going on three years before we found Go Church. Now we feel like we LIVE here!
— Tom Busler

Danielle Grant Bill Reddick Go Church
Go Church is the pet I never wanted. 

It’s like when your significant other decides to get a pet and you want nothing to do with it… Absolutely nothing to do with it! I wont walk it, ok I’ll walk it. Don’t let that thing on the couch. Jump to that thing on the couch… in your lap. We are not buying that thing a sweater! Jump to you and your dog with matching sweaters. 

Go Church is the pet I never wanted. But I desperately needed.
— Bill Reddick

paul julienne antony go church
A superb community to connect with God, truly emblematic of the church being the people.
— Paul Antony

josh rachel harvey go church
I love Go Church, and my kids love it too. Experience God, experience friendship are more than just words here.
— Josh Harvey

Daryn Bridwell go church
We are so grateful for Go Church and the friendships that we have developed in Christ!
— Daryn Bridwell

Kelly Miller Go Church.jpg
Incredibly welcoming church! Whoever you are, whatever you do, whatever you believe, they welcome you at Go Church. It’s a true community of people living and loving like Jesus. Can’t say enough good stuff about Go, we just love it and are excited to back every week!
— Kelly Miller

liz paul thompson go church
I’m thankful for a church community that takes time to get to know my family. The weekly message is funny, challenging, and something I can apply to my life right away.  My kids love the kid and youth groups!
— Liz Thompson

justin melissa kroll go church
I’m SO thankful to have finally found a church community that feels like home, that is supportive and has helped myself and my family grow closer to God in the last year.
— Melissa Kroll

john brooke kuzina go church
We prayed for this church for over a year to come to Stapleton. Within seconds of meeting Nick we knew this was the church we prayed for! Answered prayers!
— John & Brooke Kuzina

kirby johnson go church
Having grown up in a very ‘religious’ household and experienced other churches as an adult, I can truly say this is the first time I’ve ever really felt like I have a true Church family.
— Kirby Johnson

monica johnson go church
Go Church has awakened the Spirit of God in both my son and me. We are SO blessed to have found this special place full of believers who long for more of Christ in everything they do.
— Monica Johnson