What's your next step in generosity? 



What's your next step in generosity? 

We Embrace generosity.

Giving isn't something that God wants from us, it's something that God wants for us. God led the way in giving and asks us to follow His Lead. Giving changes lives - ourselves and others. 

Every good thing comes from God. Even the 2.75 breaths (yeah, we counted) you took reading this are gifts from God. So, at Go Church, we joyfully and faithfully give back. We carefully steward the time, the gifts, and the resources that God has given us. God is doing some remarkable Kingdom work in us and through us. We are's all His anyway! We don't give to Go Church, we give through Go Church. "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:21, Bible

Your giving is bringing the mission of Go Church to life. Thank you for making a difference!

Give by text

The vast majority of people give by text because it's simple, secure, and really easy. Now you can give anytime from anywhere.    

1. Text "give" to 303-622-5005 to get started or "edit" to make changes along the way. If it's your first time to give you will receive a short form that securely links your credit / debit card or your bank account to your phone number. You are can also setup recurring giving and make faithfulness convenient. 

2. Save the number 303-622-5005 in your contacts as Go Church Giving. Now you can give anytime from anywhere. Thank you!

3. To change your giving just text "edit" to 303-622-5005.   

We partner with Kindrid to facilitate your mobile generosity securely and simply. Your giving will not show up on your phone bill.  

Give online 

Give by Check

You can make your check to Go Church and mail it to Go Church 8693 East 55th Ave. Denver CO 80238. Thank you!

Give by stock / mutual fund

Just send us an email and we will respond with all the information you need. Giving this way eliminates capital gains taxes, allows a deduction of the full fair-market value of the asset you donated from your income taxes, and maximizes your giving. This is a great option for large or yearly gifts. Fidelity Investments explains the benefits of charitable giving in this short article.