Membership is about participation and partnership. Membership isn’t about perfection, it’s about a relentless commitment to progress. Membership isn't an obligation, it's an opportunity. Members aren’t consumers they are contributors. You have important and unique things to contribute to the community of Go Church - your story, experience, time, talent, treasure, energy, faith, love, and character. Go Church isn’t a building or a program, it’s a community committed to living local, going global, and living like Jesus.  We love and believe in you and invite you to become a member of Go Church! - Nick & Becky Callaway 


Go Church Membership Application

Congratulations on finishing the Growth Track! To apply for membership at Go Church just fill out this form and hit submit. Our team will take it from there and contact you shortly about taking your next step. Don't forget to fill out the Go Team application and find a team that's right for you. 

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